All arrangements are written specifically for the group. Usually the music is in 3 or 4 part harmony. While the arrangements are sometimes more involved than some similar groups, I find singers always rise to the challenge, and the results are worth the effort.
The music is taught by ear (no need to read music).
It’s important to make rehearsals regularly (although we know people get ill, have important unavoidable conflicts etc)
We make available online recordings of each part, for practice in the week.
While the focus is on the ensemble, there are many opportunities for soloists.
There will be regular live performances in real music venues.
As important as making music is making friends, and choirs can become communities.
Below are a few videos of Soul Singers performing at the jazz café Camden, and our first gig (this was after 3 months singing together).

Soul Singers at the Stag’s Head, Haggerston


I’m Brendan Dowse. I studied for a Masters degree in jazz at the Guildhall, and now I’m an active pianist, singer, arranger, composer etc. I’m a founder member of respected contemporary choir, the London Vocal Project (www.londonvocalproject.com). I’ve taught vocal groups in schools, colleges and universities, and have led East London Soul Singers for 3 years.

London Singers is an independent, unique choir. This means I can tailor the rehearsals to the needs of the group, and take requests for songs. I can get to know the singers personally.